Private Events

Plan Your Next Event With Us!

(Unfortunately Private Events are on hold until we get to the other side of COVID-19.
If you would like to plan a Virtual Event via Zoom, however, we would be delighted to assist. Please email or call.)

Whether you are planning a corporate gathering, client appreciation event, team building event, social mixer or a festive holiday party, we can accommodate groups (and budgets) of many sizes!

​Allyson Stoner handles Private Event booking for Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant. Debbie Zachareas can field inquiries about our other locations owned and operated by Debbie Zachareas and Peter Granoff, MS, Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant in San Francisco and Mission Bay Wine & Cheese, also in San Francisco.

​Allyson Stoner, General Manager, Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant
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Debbie Zachareas ~

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